5 Must Have Traits In Agile Marketing To Be Well-Rounded Marketer.

5 Must Have Traits In Agile Marketing To Be Well-Rounded Marketer.

5 Must Have Traits In Agile Marketing To Be Well-Rounded Marketer.

Agile Marketing is a tactical marketing approach adopted by Agile marketers identifying and focusing on high value projects with collective efforts. The projects are completed cooperatively measuring their impacts and continuously improving their results over time.  The goals of Agile Marketing are to improve adaptability, transparency, predictability and speed to cope with the fluctuating market functions. Agile marketers take inspiration from Agile Software Development which values on;

  • Flow of interaction suiting every individual.
  • Frequent small experiments on large projects.
  • Testing of opinions, data and conventions.
  • Quick response to market flexibility.
  • Association over hierarchy and silos.


Traits of Agile Marketers that sets them apart from the rest.

Agile Marketers implements a process called Scrum specifically designed to align with business objectives, uplift team spirit, improvise communication and to analyse the response of market swiftness. Below are the distinct traits of Agile Marketers.


1. Experts on purchasing journey:

Agile marketers are experts in identifying their every customers desire. They know how to interact with their customers to generate the utmost information from them. They look put for every possible angle;

  • Information to look in for?
  • Several decision-making touch points.
  • Purchasing area of customers.
  • Retention of consumers for brand loyalty.

The consumer centric approach is what makes them distinct from the rest marketers. Despite having holistic marketing approach by the traditional marketers, they still lack behind.


2. Adaptability of any circumstances:

Adaptability is another quality that distinguishes the Agile Marketer from the rest. Their ability to be flexible and pivot in any kind of circumstance out stands them from the rest.

In 2013, the power out scenario in the third quarter game of Super Bowl XLVII game gave a new vision to the Agile Marketers. The Agile Marketers of Oreo Cookie got an opportunity to take a dig and formulate a new marketing approach within that 34 minutes power cut.

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No traditional marketer would have cashed in the idea during a National game to upgrade a brand image. Even in content marketing Agile Marketers themselves create their own space to set a trend which is highly beneficial for SEO.


3. Never ending learning & delivering quality:

Traits In Agile Marketing - BinaryIT - 1

Agile Marketers never stop themselves from learning. They understand the importance of innovation and forever come up with fresh, unique, innovative and consumer connecting digitalized ideas. They are the ones who grass root themselves in blog reading, discussions, marketing events and other marketing events.

Agile Marketers believes in perfection and hence deliver perfect output. For example, Agile content marketers delivers content swiftly.


4. Digitalized at Core:

Agile Marketers have natively digitalized themselves to fit in with the aggressive competition into digital marketing. In a vision to add value to their skills and to effectively utilize their skills in digital channels, they rooted themselves.

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They encompass ‘pi shaped quality (analytical, data driven yet has calibre to understand brands experiment and marketing). Agile marketers go beyond the definition of Conventional Marketer.


5. Sense of Belongingness:

Traits In Agile Marketing - BinaryIT - 2

Agile Marketers love experimenting. Weather it’s an email campaign or hard-core data marketing decision they test new methods to grab consumer attentions. They give 100% of themselves when trying out for new experiments or new tests. There is no stoppage of experiments i.e if one fails they immediately come up with back up ideas. Hence, them exists sense of belonging in every work they undertake.

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