Apple to desert problematic keyboard in 2019!

Apparently, MacBook butterfly switch gained enough of controversy regarding its butterfly switch keyboard.

The company is in full switch to ditch the mechanism and adopt a new design for the upcoming MacBook Air later this year.

In 2015, Apple had rolled out its butterfly switch design. The concept was implied on a perspective to make the laptop lighter and thinner. But the users disliked the sticky keys.

However, this year, butterfly keyboard is replaced with “traditional scissor” keyboard in 2020. The mechanism of the keyboard is expected to be more stable, comfortable and responsive.

In March, the company had apologized the users for the troubling scenario, in the third-generation butterfly keyboard.

Since then, Apple started its keyboard replacement program covering Mac Book released from 2015 to 2017, including the newly released ones.

Nearly three lawsuits have been filed against Apple over the butterfly keyboard.

Well, lets see what stored in 2019, for the Apple event. Hope so this year, Apple concetrates on its Mac keyboard and lauch a much user-friendly version.