CCTV: How to Keep a tab on your CCTV from any location via Mobile device

CCTV: How to Keep a tab on your CCTV from any location via Mobile device

CCTV: How to Keep a tab on your CCTV from any location via Mobile device

This article will help you keep a tab on your CCTV from any location via mobile device. If you are a time traveller or a working parent who must frequently travel for work purpose. You must be undergoing through real trouble in keeping tab on your children, house or office. At plenty of times, your house might be a party junction for your kids or have been robbed on your absence or your partner might be cheating on your back (We hope not!) or your employees might be throwing party on your absence.

Well, this article has been specially written to reduce such activities on your house and work. Through this article we will teach you HOW to configure your CCTV camera in your mobile device so that you can consistently monitor your house or office at the same time concentrate on your work. For this you just need a WIFI connectivity, installed CCTV cameras on your house or office & few easy steps for installation!


Step 1: Connect DVR with monitor

  • Simply connect your CCTV DVR to monitor with HDMI or VGA cable.


Step 2: Configure your CCTV DVR Setting

  • Go to< Network Setting
  • In the network section, you must set Static IP by disabling OBTAIN IP AUTOMATICALLY, after that feed in YOUR I.P address (, Sub net mask (255.255.000), Gateway (, HTTP Port= 80

(please fill in the above information by asking your internet service providers)

  • After filling in the data’s save then reboot the CCTV DVR.)

 cctv with mobile

Step 3: Configure WIFI Router with DVR

  • Connect to WIFI or LAN.
  • Open any browser (Internet explorer or Chrome) and type your IP address ( in address bar.
  • Feed in your WIFI user name and password (if you are unaware just below your router or behind your router box user name and password is given).
  • Search for PORT forwarding section and fill in new information of P address (, Sub net mask (, Gateway (, HTTP Port= 80 by asking your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Save the info and reboot your router.


Step 4: Connect DVR to WIFI via LAN cable

  • Remove the HDMI or VGA cable.
  • Plug in LAN cable to WIFI router and to DVR.


Step 5: Confirm the setting

  • In any laptop or pc open browser.
  • Type your IP address in the address box of the browser.

(you might be directed to install, just get it done)

  • Fill in the username and password of DVR given in its manual.
  • If you see footage than you are almost done!


Step 6: Connect to Android Phone

  • Connect your phone to WIFI.
  • Go to play store and choose best software to view CCTV camera footage.
  • Put in your IP address, port, id and password from DVR manual.
  • Just login, and you are done!


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