12 Christmas Gift Ideas for the last-minute shoppers under $50

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for the last-minute shoppers under $50

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for the last-minute shoppers under $50

These are sure to surprise your mates!

Christmas Gift ideas, to prevent you from getting ripped, as the Christmas Gifts can cost you a fortune. Getting everything well tucked in your budget can be tiring. You can’t move around the Australian streets, shop by shop asking for the affordable yet elegant looking gifts? Can you? And the answer is ‘NO’.

Christmas is all about giving something to the ones you care about. To help you find a gift that is liked by most of your people, we have flown in a few cool Christmas Gift Ideas, which are under $50. Amazed? 50 dollars doesn’t sound a whole lot, but you would be surprised to know about the latest techs Christmas Gift under $50.


1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Smart home setups are trending these days. Perhaps, a loved one who is curious to know about the smart home set up will definitely get intimated by the idea of Amazon’s Eco-Dot, a smart on board speaker with easy on board set up, holding the ability to integrate a huge range of smart home gears.

The Eco- dot offers every smart speaker essential, such as reading, playing music, answering the question, setting alarms and checking the weather.

The price of Amazon Eco Dot is $39.


2. 4 classic games in PlayStation

For a PS4 owner, a neat gaming gift would be a range of PlayStation hits. The game range would cost you merely $20, hence, even if you bundle up a few, the gift would safely be intact for a price of $50.


3. Anker Sound score mini

Anker is best known for the creation of affordable Bluetooth speakers. These mini wireless speakers come for a price of $40 and easily fit in your palm, making it effortlessly the best Christmas gift.

Besides the Bluetooth connectivity, it also has 3.5mm auxiliary in put socket, which detects micro SD card and FM radio.


4. Xbox One or FIFA 20 for PS4

The world’s more popular game FIFA 20 was released in September 2019. The deal is not much of a snag, as the game comes for a price of less than $50. If you have a nephew or a niece hanging with the PS4 devices every holiday season, then you sure won’t go wrong. A great gift for the first-timers or old gamers.


5. LilGadgets Untangled Pro

The untangled pros are great for kids. The pair set a limit in the volume, but it won’t disallow the noise of the external environment. This is a high-quality Bluetooth wireless headset, sized for kids of over 4 years. The device is compatible with every blue tooth and is available in six wonderful colors for a price of $49.95, at Amazon.


6. Logitech G432 Wired Gaming Headset

A large 50-millimeter audio driver produces great sound and music for a more impressive gaming experience. The advanced headphone creates precise potential audio and a 3D soundscape. The headset connects with every PC, Mobile, and Gaming Console.

The price of the Logitech G432 wired gaming headset is $28.31.


7. Amazon Echo Wall Clock

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock has an analog flair and is an Alexa-enabled gadget. The modern time piece helps to set alarms and timers through 60 LED lights. This isn’t a stand-alone device; hence it needs to be paired with compatible speakers.

The echo wall clock makes you stay organized. The price of Amazon Echo Wall Clock is $29.99.


8. Google Nest Mini

If Alexa’s not your kind, then, there is another option of Google Nest Mini, the affordable Google smart speaker, allows you to listen to music, get weather information, or have Google Assistant organize your busy schedule. It’s a wall mount ready to use the product, making it easy to place in every room.

The price of Google Nest Mini is $49!


9. Amazon Fire 7 (2019)

iPad is glam, but it costs you a couple of hundred dollars. For the book lovers and tech users, the Amazon Fire 7 tablets make a good eBook. One can also watch Netflix and use video player. The device is ready to use and is available under $50.


10. Belkin Pocket Power

You can never go wrong with the portable charger aka power bank. The product is slim in design and can easily slip inside any pocket. The color options available for Belkin Pocket Power include Black, Silver and Rose Gold. The power bank has a battery up to 5000 mAh.

The price of Belkin Pocket Power is $39!


11. Manfrotto Pixi Tripod

If your buddy has a passion for photography, this is a super portable mini Pixi tripod, which could be handy for them. Manfrotto is a professional tripod offering premium features including still photography, smooth and steady video.

The price of the Manfrotto Pixi Tripod is $35!


12. Plasma Ball

Plasma balls are in with a bang. The late 80’s product is not just appealing, but cool, interesting and can be a perfect gift for Christmas. With the plasma ball, one can accessories the desk. These are nice little breaks, to keep your mind out of stress.

The price of the Plasma Ball $25!

BinaryIT wishes, every one of you a Merry Christmas 2019. We hope the above-mentioned gifts fit in your pocket and bring more affection to your family members. Do remember us for Managed IT services, Digital Marketing Service, Website Design Service, Networking & Wireless service and more.

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