Cyber security isn’t a small portion of IT function- it’s a foundation for every business

Cyber security isn’t a small portion of IT function- it’s a foundation for every business

Cyber security isn’t a small portion of IT function- it’s a foundation for every business

More than five billion people across the world access internet with a total penetration rate of 62.3%. With such phenomenal growth in internet users, there is a simultaneous boom in cyber-attack as well. Most business large, small do not have the luxury of open funded financial resources. The gripped budget and restrictions make it difficult to campaign for security spending. Unfortunately, this is a reality which is sure to dismantle the IT security of the organization. What every organization seeks is a system which works quickly & efficiently, and which selflessly pack the security order.

Billions of dollars are being invested to launch websites and app to incline mobile presence. If your organization is seeking to invest in the online presence, it is equally important to invest in adequate cyber-security to protect your business interests. Without technology security invest towards online presence can be a total waste of money.

Recently Wanna Cry and Petya malware had caused drastic disruption across the world where more than 150 countries were affected by the malware causing total damage of more than $4 billion. While expert predicts the actual cost of damage might have swarmed even higher than seen in quantifiable figures.

Top Cyber-Security threats encountered by Small Business



Phishing involves the collection of sensitive data like credit card information and login credentials through a manipulative or so-called legitimate looking websites. Hackers can make use of information obtained to steal valuable information or even make use of bank accounts.



Malware targets computer with an intention to damage or gain unauthorized access. Malware includes computer virus, trojan horse, adware, spyware, and other programs.  These steals proprietor information or complete destroy the business.



Ransomware mainly targets small business, it infects your PC and demands for ransom amount to pull it out. Ransomware totally locks you out from PC and demands you for a lump sum amount to return the access or threaten you to publicize your private information.


Why Cyber- Security is still on the bottom list of every business?

  • The absence of technical understanding: IT is surely a complicated subject to understand. An individual looking to grab expertise knowledge require in-depth training and knowledge. It also takes several years of practicality to execute the obtained knowledge. So, it’s no surprise that security is taken as a top priority.
  • A guaranteed threat: Though cyber-attacks are common there is no guarantee, for small business has ignored the reasons for them being a victim. Cybercriminals work behind the curtains and attack unexpectedly. So, people involved in Boardrooms are not much aware of the Cyber-security, so it is the responsibility of the IT department to highlight the demerits of ignorance of Cyber-security.
  • Direct Benefit: While making decisions to invest in systems one must go through potential benefits and significant factor. One must look out for speed, accessibility during the consideration stage. The entity must consider that including cybersecurity would not instantly reap benefits, but in a later stage it strikes out every attack.


What can you do to prioritize cybersecurity in your entity?

  • Make it your culture: Cybersecurity is your posture. Just like health, it needs to be consistently monitored. Make it your organization priority and make sure to delegate it in all the organization level, preach it amongst the subordinates and make them participate in several cybersecurity activities.
  • Spread knowledge to your team: The more you practice the more you will learn. Make sure every employee working in your organization adopt and follow policies. Conduct training sessions to help your employee stay updated.
  • Right technology in the right place: Firewalls and anti-virus need to be updated. Therefore, regular monitor and protect your company website, make use of password vault to manage message sensitivity. Go for tools and software that are easy to use for employees and administrations.
  • Test your process: Human error leads to a data breach. We guess it’s the problem of every organization. IT department ignores such issue when commencing business, IT prior negligence to install a security patch to detect any software vulnerability unwilling force the entity to witness and become the sole victim of cyber threats. Therefore, the entity must practice testing process before deploying any every detail to the employees.


As a business leader, the safety of data should be your only organization priority. So, feeding security plans immediately with business commencement not only minimize cybersecurity threat but also release importance of cybersecurity within the organizations. These tasks would bind approach and solutions together to ensure success in the undertaken mission.

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