EAT concept, what significant role does it carry in Digital Marketing?

EAT concept, what significant role does it carry in Digital Marketing?

EAT concept, what significant role does it carry in Digital Marketing?

E-A-T is not eating, where you sit down and munch something like you always love to do on your free schedule.  Eating healthy food is absolutely great, and it reflects the kind of you. Like they say, “You are what you eat”, similar ideology lies with the concept of E-A-T in digital marketing. E-A-T does give in the healthier result for any website. E-A-T stance for Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness.

Wondering how such an entertaining acronym came into existence? Back in 2014, Google Search Quality guidelines got leaked, which today are included in General Guidelines for 2018. This leaked factor is expected to grow its importance by the end of 2020.

Digging back in 2018, online marketing group launched Medic update which affected several marketing pages classified as Your Money, Your Life (YMYL). These pages were created to influence the users in the aspect of health, happiness & wealth. The Medic updates released by Google, strongly fluxed core updates launched in 2018. Though no secrets were reveled by Google, the Marketing community urged them to spread awareness of E-A-T factors.

So, if your website revolves more on consumer well-being, you definitely would want to invest more of your time in E-A-T factors.


How to concentrate on E-A-T factors?

You can’t always start vaguely on the E-A-T factors. Writing on & on without any vision is just wasting your skill. Don’t waste it, act smart and wise. So, we present you best expertise tips;

  • Do you have in house expert? If yes, make sure they write content which can successfully influence the audience.
  • If you don’t have any writer, hire one or approach IT companies specialized in digitalized marketing.
  • Work with established writers and ensure for accuracy of information.
  • Train your writing squad, encourage them to refer more documents, journal, references and books.


How to establish AUTHORITY?

  • Create bio pages of every writers working for you.
  • Link pages with their LinkedIn or personal websites.
  • Conduct research, case studies and publish in your company’s website & don’t miss a chance to share it in your social media.
  • Mention sources when taking information from others research work & content.
  • Invest more in audience engagement and review.


How to establish TRUST?

  • Don’t waste writing contents that are not at all useful for users and viewers. Google’s quality evaluators notice instantly if you try any sort of tricks in misleading the algorithm.
  • Don’t make your website a robotic one.
  • Write shortly on Companies history & achievement, introduce your staffs & important team members.
  • Make sure your website is secure.
  • Make sure to create strong password when adding more users.
  • To highlight brand worthiness and consumers trust showcase certificates, achievements and membership.

Before directly jumping on E-A-T module, Digital Marketer should understand the requirement of evergreen content.

Making your content go viral is just near to impossible. Timings and luck are two elements for your content to be immensely liked and shared by the readers. Though is short-run, immediate success is not possible but in long run you can only if you can retain consistency and predictability.

Besides on-site content and build authority Evergreen content are new as content marketing strategy. The objectives of such is to remain relevant to target audience and at a same time provide useful information without losing time sensitivity. Offering such content will reward you with consistent and strong rankings. While trend-based content is sure to go out of date.

Did you go through every content and news of Royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle? Audiences were interested to know about the Royal wedding on a particular date but after few days they were least bothered to know about their after married life or their day to day activities.

Public interest drove significant traffic for short-term and after that the interest hopelessly demised. Evergreen content should commence with selecting strong keywords. This definitely allows predictable, strong and consistent flow of traffic. Further optimization of website can be carried out via Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to drive regular traffics. And yes! This surely converts viable leads and online sales for your business.


Actionable & Usefulness of Content

Evergreen content should be useful and practical. Unsure about how to start an evergreen content? Binary IT is here!

Google is always here to provide every searched question. A compelled piece of content successfully drives traffic to your site. A comprehensive piece, includes detail, in depth knowledge, keywords and answers of every asked question in search engine.

With the help of Content Strategist and SEO team, you can immediately kick start building content for website. Best content in the early days of establishment stand alone, before its quality speak among the mass.

After success of content campaign, your website will surely drive in heavy traffic, where you no longer have depend on proactive link building. Just remember failure or success of your content indicates its acceptance from audience or search engine.


Build long-term success with content

Providing value to your audience should be your only objective. If your content does not achieve strong ranking on its early stage make sure to promote it in several platform.  More promotion or optimization is what should be the NEXT plan.

  • Search Engine Optimization. As algorithm updates frequently changes, its important to create unique and rich content by adding relevant or most searched keywords. You can also hire an SEO service providers to do it for you.
  • Update your content regularly. Evergreen content should not be ideal. Every day content appraisal is needed. Your website should be regularly updated with new contents while old contents should be updated, altered and modified. This retains the freshness of content. Minor edits every month is suitable to maintain its freshness.
  • Make full use of Social media to share it. Use social media to post blog, short info, infographics. This boosts and drive in new audiences and allow strong formation of E-A-T authority.

Content Marketing is a portion of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing requires strong back support from content to build online presence in the digitalized market. A strong content creating flows in more organic traffic. If you are a business person seeking to hike profit through lead conversion but have no time to invest on the core study of Digital Marketing and its practices, you can out source them.

Binary IT is the Sydney based IT firm working in the field of digital marketing past 10 years. For any kind of digital marketing service, kindly go through the services offered by us and contact us. So that we can frame the exact requirements from our service. Feel free to contact us to know more about the Digital Marketing service offered by us in Sydney, Australia.

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