Email Marketing Guide: Terms of Email Marketing – Every Marketer Must Be Aware Of!

Email Marketing Guide: Terms of Email Marketing – Every Marketer Must Be Aware Of!

Email Marketing Guide: Terms of Email Marketing – Every Marketer Must Be Aware Of!

Email campaigns are a great choice for any digitalized marketer. It’s simply an act of sending commercial messages to a group of people through email. Every email sent to customers in relation to organization product is email marketing.

For the operation of any small business, e-mail marketing can be an effective method to reach out audiences. Regardless of the introduction of new marketing methods, e-mail marketing can generously divert traffic flow to your website.

A little effort from our end on e-mail marketing terms in case you have encountered.


UnsubscribeEmail Marketing Services - Binary IT - UnSubscribe

In a simple term, it means to opt out. If you no longer want to receive any kind of emails from the sender there is always an unsubscribe button to put an end to it.



You have neither given permission to receive e-mail in your inbox nor have you unsubscribed it. The emails get stored in junk/spam folder in your email account.


E-mail Signature

Adding organization signature in every e-mail can be a great marketing opportunity. In a signature, one can link organization’s social media, name, services, products offered and website.


Plain text email

Not all the browser support HTML emails, so in that case, you must write a plain text mail without any text formatting or images.


HTML email

It is like a formatted web page which allows color background, images, and unique fonts.


Conversion Rate

It measures the success of your email marketing.  It allows you to generate details on emails sent and the number of sales made from it.


Click through Rate

It is the number of clicks received on your email link proportionate to the number of emails viewed.


Open Rate

It is the total number of emails sent divided by the number of emails viewed.


Subject Line

The heading which tantalizes the subscribers to open your email.


Soft Bounce

It is the technical error caused due to unavailability of the server or due to full inbox.


Hard Bounce

It is the permanent failure of mail delivery due to a wrong or fake email address.


Delivery Rate

It measures the total number of emails received and sent to an INBOX.


Above the Fold

It is the upper half of the front page of an email where the important and catchy material is written to urge every reader to go through the remaining mail.


Double opt-in

This is an important setting for those who gather visitor’s info through Autoresponders. It gives you a notification when visitors are interested in receiving further information from you.



It is a link/button which allows the customers to receive more information related to your products/services. It directly permits you to go through customer information and even allow you to communicate with them.

Email marketing surely needs a lot of patience and technical skills. A professional service provider like Binary IT, Sydney, Australia has been undertaking the entire work of Email marketing on behalf of its clients, so for any professional queries and business-related service in Email Marketing, Contact Binary IT.

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