Facebook users getting more control on their data. Find out who is tracking you?

Introduction to tweaking policies would allow the account holders to control and check their data on the social network.

On Tuesday, Facebook Inc said its launching policy “Off-Facebook Activity” which would allow the users to control and see the data on social gathers from their browsing habit on the other apps and websites.

Through their blog post the tool is used as a trail in Spain, Ireland, South Korea, and would be made available to users across the globe within few months.

With Off-Facebook activity, one can get a summarized information of another app and websites through online business tools such as Facebook login and pixel. It also allows you to disconnect information that you don’t want to see. One can use this to remove a website or app or whole.

As per Facebook, the additional of features in media would allow a new level of transparency and control. It would also create a better business ecosystem improvising the online experience.

Embracing the new change Luis Di Como, EVP Global Media, Unilever, “As part of Unilever’s Responsibility Framework, we are committed to creating a better digital ecosystem working with our partners. The Off-Facebook Activity tool aims to provide people with greater transparency and control over their own data, helping to improve their online experience. We support this step from Facebook and encourage them and all industry players to continue in the journey to build back trust in the advertising ecosystem.”