Step-by-Step guide on How to recover deleted mail in gmail

Step-by-Step guide on How to recover deleted mail in gmail

Step-by-Step guide on How to recover deleted mail in gmail

This article will help you recover deleted mail in Gmail. In the middle of the night while you are intensely hugging your pillow and snoring suddenly you get to hear a loud beep on your cell phone! You drowsily see a mail from your BOSS, unknowingly delete and go back to sleep. The next day you get a troubled expression as you deleted the mail and have no idea what was written on it. Troubled and panic you get baffled on what to do? Call your BOSS and ask what was written on the mail? (Not a good idea) or take help from search engine and try to get back the deleted mail (Seems like a good idea)! You might think you are busted, DON’T WORRY, there are several ways to recover the gone mails quickly.


Search for TRASH folder

In the right column below COMPOSE you see options like Inbox, Starred, Sent Mail and Trash. Just take a quick look on the trash folder. In case you have heaps of mail in trash use google search option using keyword to find the mail.

With the quick search service, you can easily move back your deleted mail to the inbox or any folder you want by just clicking on the folder icon found beneath the search bar.

Usually thrash bin retains the deleted mails for 30 days, before it permanently removes it.


Is your TRASH folder missing?

Click on the Cog-Icon above the messages and click on settings. Scroll up and down on the label tab and stop on the trash folder. Click on show button.

Now you will successfully see the trash folder on the right side of your inbox and recover any deleted mails from it.

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Oops the Trash folder is emptied, now what?

If you have permanently deleted the messages from the “Trash Folder”, then you can send a request letter to Google Support Team and ask them to recover the deleted mail in your account.

To avail the service, you need to go to “Gmail missing email page” and fill in necessary details and information including email address, log in details, short problem description.

Click on Submit Button. One more thing, don’t immediately increase your hope for there are chances you might not get the mail back. This service is for messages gone missing due to Gmail account being compromised. The longer time it takes there is less chances of e-mail getting recovered.


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