How to smartly filter email spam? 5 ways to cut down Email Spam!

How to smartly filter email spam? 5 ways to cut down Email Spam!

How to smartly filter email spam? 5 ways to cut down Email Spam!

You open your mailbox and instead of finding important emails on top you get to see all sort of irrelevant emails. You get annoyed and irritated when you must go through series of spam emails to find your important e-mails. Early morning you get pissed off! Unwanted and unsolicited advertisement continues to clutter the cyberspace. There is the worst scenario where spam disables email address and website. Email marketers have surely taken a dig at every email address.

In this post, we dispatch some best advice to directly avoid email spam;


Manage your inbox:

If you come across any spam emails, without giving a second thought just delete it. If you are using Gmail, click on the report spam button in the toolbar (there is an exclamation icon on the bar).

Email regarding any product or services, just unsubscribe the unwanted newsletter. You’ll see an unsubscribe button beneath the newsletter in a small writing. Click on it! Half of your inbox will get emptied with it.


Never respond to spam:

Spam mail generally comes with an attractive tagline. The email marketers make sure to promote their services, so if you open it accidentally and realize it to be spam, shut it down don’t do the mistake of clicking or downloading the link.

If you opened the mail because it was sent from an email address from a person you know, but when you opened it and found it be a spam immediately inform them.


Hide your email address:

Don’t share your email address. More you share your email address frequently you will be a spam victim. Don’t openly share your email address in forums or any sites. If you must publish it, make use of another email account. Never share your office email account! For socializing purpose.


Make use of Anti-Spam Filter:

The antispam filter prevents unnecessary mail. Most of the email comes with an anti-spam filter. This is not available in outlook.com but it works well with Microsoft Office outlook.


Install Captcha:

“Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Human apart” is known as a CAPTCHA. Installing CAPTCHA in website forms foils the spam. Distorted and wiggly captcha letter prevents the spammers from intruding your website.

No soul on this earth who use email and website are freed from the SPAM emails. You can completely alleviate the spam but you can protect your personal and professional email address. Make sure to never reveal you’re an important email address in any random websites or to random people for socializing purpose. Will go through more spam protecting techniques, stay tuned!

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