Hybrid Cloud the next Generation IT !

Hybrid Cloud the next Generation IT !

Hybrid Cloud the next Generation IT !

“Experts believe hybrid cloud to be the technology to well define entity’s IT in the foreseeable future.”


What is Hybrid Cloud Technology?           

Hybrid cloud is not at all a device or a product. In fact, it’s a brand-new aspect of Cloud computing in IT sector.  It embeds two well-known types of cloud private and public. Further, it interconnects two types of cloud, so that it can well store appropriate task and data in secured place.

By definition, a hybrid cloud must be framed in such a way that it allows multiple functions of cloud in their own manner. But they must be built in a unit so that the users can grip the advantages of its quality.

In Hybrid clouds, they are developed in different technologies and types, whose biggest challenge is integrity, for you need to bridge between the clouds. And such clouds are likely to be operated by divergent authorities and mechanism.

Hence, if you have a hybrid cloud operated by third person, the users may find it problematic as they won’t have complete picture of the status and systems of the components. “Orchestration layer” is the only solution which can be communicated through API. From central dashboard you can manage and maintain layers.


Why to use Hybrid Cloud?

High level of flexibility is its favorable situation. Many companies have to process and store high volume of internal and external workflow data. And their exist no one-size-fit-solutions when talking about cloud computing.

One must determine the types of data, stored in different unit of clouds by understanding the major requirement of your business. If you have process which can operate even during night time is the dominant one.


The Providers of Hybrid Cloud…

  • Amazon Web Services hybrid cloud includes networking, storage, security, applications, management tools and deployment.
  • Cisco, is the cloud platform open for cloud hybrid architecture.
  • HPE offers, customizable solution which are highly dependable on the entity’s demand.
  • VMware Hybrid Cloud extensions offer app mobility from both public and on-site resources.
  • Red Hat offers minimal cloud products including cloud suit and open shift.
  • Oracle aims to simplify management across cloud’s lifecycle.
  • Citrix hybrid cloud solution, aims to render single management plane for managing network, devices and network.


What benefits can you reap from Hybrid Cloud Technology?

Hybrid cloud can be used in the following forms by entity;

  • For video streaming sites where own infrastructure of the company cannot handle massive number of users during weekends, so that there is continuous availability of service even if there is increment in number of users.
  • A website focusing on e-commerce use public cloud to manage their whole of CRM system. And their private cloud allows them to test and create new products based on the data of CRM system. This is a proper example why two clouds can perfectly function individually as well as jointly.


Why multi-cloud technology?

If you are not interested to work on a single cloud, you should not only consider working on hybrid cloud but on multi-cloud platform. The difference between this type and hybrid cloud is that you don’t have to depend on a single platform.

Further, even if the service of one cloud users is down for any random reasons, you still can use private cloud and storage space as a backup. Besides that, you can also use private storage space.


The de-merits of multi-cloud storage is that, you need to manage and pay attention to more storage and infrastructure. The expert advice is never to initiate working in a single cloud. It’s better to start working with a smart strategy with every element then to get completely messed up.


A different way to think about organizational maturity in Cloud

Organization so far has understood the meaning of maturity. To add more insight to it, they constantly monitor, re-evaluate their maturity and then make decisions regarding cloud services and security.

Though an older-established organization take time in understanding cloud’s maturity, it may not yet be ready for advanced cloud security system. Many older organizations are not at all aware about their own ecosystem. They face data silos, cumbersome business process and duplicate workflows. Factors holding them back are;

  • Inefficient workflows.
  • Long-winded work process.
  • Strange and divisi infrastructure.
  • Complex architecture.
  • Business info rooted in several departments.


A Big Question Mark on Cloud Security

As you know, hybrid cloud has lists of advantages. On the other hand, it also raises the question on its awareness if you decide to apply it to your company.

Important aspect is your company Security. Some people find it too surprising. Cloud hybrid is all about pulling in high level of security. Usages of different cloud types allows each cloud to have different admin roles and login data. This simplicity determines the accessibility within a company.

Besides, some solution render also has the remedies of using cloud services in different devices via a private network. Instead of using cloud separately, you can have full integration.


The five security aspects of cloud computing are;

Essential Characteristics
  • Broad Network Access
  • Rapid Elasticity
  • Measured Service
  • On-Demand Self-Service.


Service Models
  • Saas ( Software as Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as Service)
  • IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)


Deployment Models
  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Community


By now you have understood the advantages of Hybrid cloud. This platform is not only advantageous to MNCs but also to SMEs. Hybrid computing is such technology that can be used by everyone in the near future, for we believe that it can be an important cornerstone for digital innovation and transformation.

Binary IT offer hybrid cloud tools to every enterprise. The released tools are centralized login management systems, encryption, tokenization and two-step authentication. Every aforesaid tool act as a barrier for halt hackers. Further, backing up data and making investment strongly prevents data accessibility in case the hacker enters cloud storage.

Seeking a reliable Managed Cloud IT service provider for hybrid cloud storage? Contact, Binary IT! We are Sydney based Managed IT service provider seeking to ease every business for, during and on cloud movement. Call us today!

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