Managed Services Vs Professional Services

Managed Services Vs Professional Services

Managed Services Vs Professional Services

Few months before, we had highlighted the major issues that the SME business face on their performing period. From data storage issue to networking everything turns out to be out of date. Stacks of paper ducked in filing cabinets creating a hazard situation. Though the idea of hiring an IT team might have crossed his thought, the owner might be facing a serious decision-making issue between managed it services and professional services.


Managed Vs Professional Services

The decision of selecting managed or professional service revolves around your SME business strategy and the project accomplishment time period.

Managed services are designed for comprehensive and long-term use. For this you don’t necessarily require a specific project, you can settle an agreement with any IT firm to handle any underlying technical questions (complex or simple).

Moreover, professional service concentrate on a specific project with a definite end. IT solution provider offering this type of service emphasize on the brain storming part, project details and final implementation. For an instance, if you hire IT firm for data migration (from paper storage to cloud storage) they will assist you in data uploading portion, and even train your staff regarding the access of storage system.

Once the project is over, you shall be responsible for the upkeep of cloud storage. However, few IT service provider provide basic maintenance for a year, but in most of the cases IT firm hands the reins once completed.

While in the case of managed service provider, a knowledgeable team member assists you from on-tech call support to data collection. The provider acts as an internal team member and work for the longevity of the business. Without any sort of challenge or complications you will have an IT department catering your business 24/7.

Managed Services Professional Services
On-call service from the IT firm Can be taken for only specific project holding a deadline.
Highly comprehensive Detail-oriented
Designed for a long-term use Employed on the basis engagement (brainstorming to training)
No requirement of specific project As the employer, the project responsibility is assigned to you.


Why are managed IT services important?

  • Align the outcome of your organization: The incentives an outsourced managed IT service provider gives are a well-managed SOPs (initial phase), to minimize problems as their KPIs are directly linked to the efficiency.
  • Gives serenity to your mind: You are good at making business decisions, not IT decisions. Managed IT services focus on the IT portion of your running business and not in the acquisition or mergers decisions, hence, while you work out on the business section, they make sure the IT of an enterprise is always up.
  • Proactive support rather than reactive support: Don’t pressure yourself on fixing the IT situations. The managed IT heads to fix the problems before they become destructive.
  • Strategically planned IT: For how long you need IT service from the third vendor. 12 months? 24 months or 36 months? Managed service makes you think ahead and assist you in making plans that proactively links to support your IT infrastructure.
  • Complete service: Managed IT give access to the whole of IT service. Not only will you get a day to day service, but you can also get a professional IT manager, and a virtual CIO that perfectly fits in with your entity.


Four successful keys for implementing Managed IT Services

In an hour, endless of decisions are to be taken. When migrating to managed IT services, here the few things, you need to consider;

  • Determine the real cost of IT and calculate the total IT cost of the organization.
  • Request for audit of current systems; figure out potential providers.
  • Choose a reliable managed service provider and complete the on-going process.


Challenges of Managed IT Services

Here are the most encountered challenges, you need to be aware of;

  • Accountability: Why are you hiring managed IT services? Reason you want to improve your every operational efficiency, roadblocks, and IT problems. You must hold you team accountable and make sure they improve every of their deliveries. Generate effective reporting to figure out improvements in productivity and efficiency.
  • Strategic IT planning: Make sure the IT planning you are doing is effective for the next 12 or 36 months. The strategies should improve existing IT structure.
  • Finding a good IT provider: Check the track record. Go through their client’s testimonials, and their case studies before engaging them to any contract. They should be successful in demonstrating their work with measurable outcomes.


Are you thinking of hiring a managed IT service?

BinaryIT has years of experience helping organization make transition and identify their productivity and minimized downtime.  Contact us to know more about the services!

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