Microsoft Planner for Office 365 Review

There are many project management tools you may familiar with such as Basecamp and Trello. Well, positive review of Office 365 Planner shows that it is also a very powerful project management tool, which Microsoft has come up with. The planner is a very lightweight, this project management software enables allot tasks, build strategies, teams to organize and not only sharing files, also enables chat on with your team members. This piece of the tool can help you to organize your team in a very effective way, manage your marketing event and also help to keep track of school projects.

Microsoft Planner is the newest application that is the part of the Office 365 package. The planner is totally a new experience in Office 365 to organize work, manage, and assign tasks and collaborate with your team. Planner offers you the simple and visual way to organize teamwork. You can use the planner to work with your ad hoc teams. Moreover, you can use it to manage events, user training and a variety of team projects.

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The planner is as simpler as it looks. It allows you to create cards for your tasks and put it separately in the plan known as “buckets”. In particular, buckets are very useful in making your plan more workable as it organizes the plan into separate topics. For example, for the plan “Marketing”, one can add the tasks such as Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Social Media, Promotion, etc. Also, you can move the tasks from one bucket to another one to make tasks of the plan organize better.

Cards or to-do assigned tasks to have the due dates, attachments, and links, comments, and checklists, and most importantly you can assign them to people you want in your team.

There are 2 ways you can view your plan tasks. First of all, there is a board view where you can find the summary of all of your tasks. Then there is a chart view that exhibits the colored form of tasks demonstrating the not started, completed, on progress and late tasks. If you are interested in office 365, have a look at Office 365 Plan.

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