Say ‘no no’ to these 5 mistakes when migrating to cloud!

Say ‘no no’ to these 5 mistakes when migrating to cloud!

Say ‘no no’ to these 5 mistakes when migrating to cloud!

No large companies can afford mistakes when migrating to cloud. One small mistake can strip the business or even lead to extinction. Mistakes are not only confined to business or individual territory! There are mistakes that seems to be small but can cost an employee’s job, organization’s reputation or financial defecation.

Enterprise adoption to hybrid clouds continues to rise, more than 70 % of companies today use cloud while the remaining are working towards the migration procedure. The major reason of shifting to cloud is not only its inherent security but its disaster recovery and backup options. Research shows that roughly $4 billion is spent every year on cloud security, but still business make rampant mistakes keeping the organization data on stake.

Below are the five silliest mistakes made by the enterprises while working and migrating on Cloud.

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Terminating Employees over inheritance system

Destroying employee records from the database. When enterprise terminate employees, they remove employee records from the inheritance system before moving it to cloud in a view to cover their cloud migrating costs. Cloud migration takes a long-time duration to complete its, so it is necessary to retain the records of employee till then.


Taking care of cloud procedures & transparency

After shifting to cloud many organization do not accept the fact that shifting can bring a slight change on the administration control, cloud vendor or in application itself. Before switching, the user has a full authority to control and resolve the issues under the guidance of IT department or IT experts. But in case of cloud business needs to control its visibility.


Bond between Hosting Provider & Business Users

When switching to cloud if your host provides same operating system and middleware then there won’t be any kind of hindrance or obstruction while migrating your data’s but if the operating system is completely different then your existing one, the business is sure to turn upside down with an additional financial burden.


Unwanted Cloud Application

Selecting application which are not at all used by the business and which aren’t useful to business is one of the blunder mistakes made by the enterprise. Therefore, it is important to consult an IT service provider along with your business Admin and finance department to acknowledge the application required for the business.


Overly exaggeration of Security

Yes, security is an important element for every business to keep the data safe and securely but that doesn’t mean adding an exaggerate security which completely tumbles you when you want to make access of data centres. Over layering of security can reduce the speed of processor, so only necessary security hurdle is to be kept!


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