Prediction: 5 Trends Changing The Digital Marketing Perspective In 2018.

Prediction: 5 Trends Changing The Digital Marketing Perspective In 2018.

Prediction: 5 Trends Changing The Digital Marketing Perspective In 2018.

Just as we are about to bid farewell to 2017, future prediction in the technology sector for 2018 has already been forecasted. Astrology in technology has out smitten not only the IT business but also the top-notch gadgets freak. With so much of reformation in the technology sector, 2018 is sure to deepen the relationship with customers with more reformation.

Today, we are leaving the techno restructuring aside and only analyzing the likely changes that would incur on the 2018 Digital Marketing era.


 1. Video Marketing on the boat

The video market is the future digitized marketing trend. Gigantic leaps on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are investing more on improvising their video content and quality with the aim to target wider audiences.

Digital Marketing Perspective In 2018- BinaryIT-2

The aim of 2018 not just encourage off-site video marketing but live video marketing through several social media. Such marketing will not only promote the content marketing but will also promote the advertisement business.

Over millions of online business leaping for growth video marketing would be an icing on the cake for the product and service seller. Marketers are heavily researching and investing on video content to create a positive impact on the website traffic and to boost search engine ranking.



2. Voice-optimized content, user-friendly Ad:

As per the survey released by Google, around 20% of queries revolved around voice searches. The searching parameter due to the introduction of Alexa and Siri has totally outstripped the traditional desktop searches. Therefore, marketers are encouraged to consider such content that captures voice searches in advertising and non-traditional places.

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Further launching of Google Lens in October by Googles can be a game changer for search engines. The concept of Google Lens evolves around using the camera to search text and images in the search engine.

In 2018, we are sure to get smartphones containing mentioned features, so the marketers should really take a dig on their research and operation team for more user-friendly content.

3. Influencing Marketing on movement

You might be literally scratching your head and asking what is influencing marketing? And going through search engines! Well, influencing marketing is the process of identifying, engaging, researching and supporting people who create impact on your brand.

According to research report issued by Inc.com, around 84% marketers have started to make use of Influencing market by the end of 2017. They believe to have generated $6.50 for every $1 investment made.  Clothing lines and beauty product lines have gained success while MNC’s like Coco-Cola launched Coco-Cola share a coke campaign.

This allowed the wide range of consumer to take part and share their personal story. As more preference are given to more of organic and natural marketing content, the Brand are tentatively focusing in launching new ad campaigns influencing the consumers.

4. Future of digital lies in SEO marketing

Apparently, only a few businesses have indulged themselves in Search Engine Services. SEO is the desert of your meal. After creating a high-quality content article,

Digital Marketing Perspective In 2018- BinaryIT-6

you need ranking in world wide web, SEO strategy beats your competitors and ranks your page in the search engine.

In 2018, the number of SEO users is likely to soar up. The advent of Augment Reality app has further surged the fear of marketers. Hence, the fear of losing out a great deal of traffic and conversions, marketers are concentrating upgrading more on SEO strategy to rank their websites on top with more augmented reality content.



5. More of Native Advertising

“Go Local” is the emerging concept in the marketing genre. Companies are looking out to reach for more brand relevance and overall marketing engagement by including native advertising into the digital marketing strategy. Engaging more with Native audience increases the opportunity to strengthen the relationship with consumers.

Well, this is one of the greatest opportunity that a local business can garb and be a competition for multinationals. Let’s see how much quality will this technique successfully retain customer loyalty and flow in consumers in 2018.

We surely are going “Global” through every means of technology in every sector. Hope so in near future we get to see techniques which are more of consumer benefit and consumer-oriented.

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