Process taken by Binary IT for Web Design and Development:

Process taken by Binary IT for Web Design and Development:

Process taken by Binary IT for Web Design and Development:

Can Web Designing be taken as a part of Digital Marketing? Can we say, Web Designing is a new genre of Marketing? OR can we say it to be an Organization’s Brand?

Thoughts and opinion have no limit. Web designing is all about collecting ideas and aesthetically arranging and canvasing them in a website. Web Design in the process of creating and presenting the content in an electronic web page which the visitors can fully access via an Internet connection. In another word, web designing involves information architecture, navigation ergonomics, website structuring, and layout.

In general terms, website designing means a visual description of a website. It involves a series of approaches like color balance, contrast balancing, graphic design, background textures and iconic vigilance.

Taking care of every minute requirements, Binary IT when designing a WEBSITE undertakes the following procedures;

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Milestone 1:

Project Definition:  We interview clients to know their requirement. We do so to understand their project summary, goals, targeted audience and message they want to deliver through their website. From the taken steps we make sure to identify three measurable outcomes which are affiliated to the organizational objectives. The brief content of the elements are listed below;

  • Project summary: We take out the general overview of the project, organizational environment, background and value organization share.
  • Goals: What are the minimum goals that the website should meet? Clarity on goals allows identifying the positive impact that an organization is seeking for?
  • Target Audience: Do you want to niche your service or make it available for everyone? It’s important to know your audience category.
  • Messages: What message do you want to spread to motivate your audience? How do you want to make your organization brand distinct?
  • Competition: Identify the rival organization and include an overview to outstand the rival organization.


Milestone 2:

Project Scope: We outline activities and set delivery dates to deliver the project to the clients. It gives a visual reference to the web site developer to design the website while for clients it gives a blueprint of what their website is going to look like.


Milestone 3:

Site Architecture: We ensure key pages on site with the overall navigation structure. It gives a detail view of the content that will appear on your website. This clearly defines the relationship of the key pages.


Milestone 4:

Visual Design:  Once the outline is finalized our developer will be procced in determining the visual brand. As the organization brand plays a vital role, we make sure to create a distinct visual which conveys brand ideas and design.


Milestone 5:

Site Development: After receiving approval our beloved client’s then our group of developers collaborate to form your organizational website. The website is given life by feeding in content, video, images, gallery’s and podcasts.


Milestone 6:

Site Testing: Before we launch your site, we make sure to get it reviewed with other expertise. We make sure your site functions smoothly. We take feedback, make necessary changes if there exist any error and adjust the changes.


Milestone 7:

Launch: Finally, after fixing every tits and bits, adjustment, site reviewal process the site is launched.


Milestone 8:

Site Maintenance: Our work doesn’t end here! Even after launching the website we offer comprehensive maintenance package to solve issues that your website may come across in near future.

8 STEPS! Binary IT is all set to get involved in the web designing process. You can check our testimonials to go through our client reviews, we make sure to provide you best web designing service. For business, inquiry contact us 1300 168 600!

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