Keep your WiFi safe & secure with these 9 steps!

Keep your WiFi safe & secure with these 9 steps!

Keep your WiFi safe & secure with these 9 steps!

Wifi security has become a major issue for every organization and individuals. Despite taking a strong broadband connection, you often get surrounded with several broad band issues like unauthorised users hogging your bandwidth, streaming pirated movies and indulging in illegal activities by totally hacking your system. Every year more than 60% of the wireless users become victim of wifi leakage.

To keep you off from the that 60% we bring in 10 tips which can in fact prevent the hacker from making optimum use of your wi-fi.


  1. Change the router admin password:

When you purchase a router beneath the router you will see your user name and password. The user name and password are common for every router of same brand so it becomes easier for the hacker to put and assumption and log in to your IP address.

So, change it! Change your router password. Keep a password not less than 8 characters by combining upper case and lower-case alphabets, special characters, numerical so that is it is difficult for the hacker to guess. Please avoid keeping your password which are easily guessable.


  1. Never ever flaunt your router details to any visitors:

While you are setting your router, password make sure you even set your SSID (Service Set Identifier). SSID is your wireless name which is visible to the outside world. If you don’t change the SSID your router name will be visible e.g. TP-Link which makes it lot easier to hack the router login details.

Though this won’t completely put a professional hacker off shore but it will somewhat give a complicated time.


  1. Disable Wi-Fi Protection Set up (WPS):

WPS uses either press button or a PIN number to establish connection between a device and your network.  WPS make use of eight-digit pin code where last digit number is a deceiving number which makes intervention easier.

Enabling WPS allows an easy PIN guess work. The first three digits and last three digits contain a sequence which shrinks the number to only 11000 digits. Tools like Reaver force in WPS in a minute.


  1. Remove Rogue Device:

If you log in to your IP address you can get hold of list and number of devices that are connected to your network. You can get through the list in the Maintenance menu.

Count the number of personal devices connected to the network and restrict the remaining from getting connected.


  1. Upgrade Your Firmware:

Upgrading your router firmware boosts the security in a little time with no cost. Majority of router have automatic updating system so check every page of IP login. When you are enabling automatic updating system please prevent your router from default setting. Or else your router will go back to its factory default situation.


  1. Install Alternative Firmware:

When your PC disclose a message of updating the firmware you can get a new firmware from an alternative source. If you install an alternative firmware it would retain back your missing functionality related with the security.


  1. Different DNS Server:

As you can install an alternate firmware, you can also install another Domain Name System (DNS) instead of ISP default. Sometimes the DNS server used by your ISP can come under threat by a distributed denial of service attack.

Go through the open router panel and search for DNS address configuration page and feed in the alternative DNS IP.


  1. Use a private network:

Virtual Private Network can be used in both the original or alternative firmware. This can be an added advantage for one can securely access the home network in a secured internet platform.  You can use this service in your home network or in the café network in a secure manner without any additional fees.


  1. Set a Guest Network:

Giving your pass key to every visitor will spread your password. And it’s not possible to change your wi-fi password every time. For this you can set up a secured guest network. If your existing router does not support it you can get a new router supporting the guest network.

With these 9 steps you can easily protect your wireless network. If you are still confused and unable to prevent your Wi-Fi issues, Wi-Fi Solution is always at your rescue! Wi-Fi solution takes care of the entire wireless issue with panel of experts.

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