SEO Tips: 5 not to do mistakes on a Website

SEO Tips: 5 not to do mistakes on a Website

SEO Tips: 5 not to do mistakes on a Website

When flipping around and taking look on the SEO era, SEO has evolved a lot since past two decades. It has become an important element rather than a sideline element. The entrepreneurs are finding it hard to cope with the latest updates, therefore, software’s like Panda, Penguin and Rank Brain got launched to eradicate poor quality content, fight spam link and maintain algorithm’s accuracy.

Nevertheless today, Search Engine Optimization is all about identifying a perfect balance between reader-centric content and convincing the search engine that your content is worth to be mounted on ranking. SEO has surely become a bubbling topic for every online dealer, so here we bring in 5 not to do SEO mistakes on your websites;

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Revolving around #1 Keyword:

Focusing on a single keyword no longer ranks your website. Though history denotes it to be a common practice to optimize a web page, now it justifies poor user experience and ineffectiveness.

Tips: Go in for more variety of relevant keywords in your content instead of optimizing only on a single keyword.


Usage of 3R’s in your content:

Recycle, Re-use and Re-think are the 3R’s that you must tab on your content. Let’s get it straight, how many of you have piled on tons of content on your website and never once have checked it after it got published?

You might not know but you have lost an opportunity if you have failed to keep the content alive and fresh.

Tips: Go through your old content, make necessary changes, give special attention to the evergreen topic, discover new keywords to fit in with the content and update the content to improve your site ranking.

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Speed Failure declines the traffic:

The 20’s genre is always looking for speed, so faster your site better will be your crawl rate and user experience.

Tips: Check your web speed via Pingdom, Web Page test, and Google Page Speed Insights. On can even improvise the speed by optimizing the image, leveraging browser cache and minifying javascript.


Overloading the site:

In the process of making your website outstand the competition many of you stock your website with images, videos and PDF’s. To some extent, it might appeal the viewers but in long run, it will slow down your website.  If your blog takes ages to load than the other sites, the viewers will obviously switch to other competitors.

Tips: Keep your website neat with required content and graphics. Remove orphaned category and convert PDFs to HTML to create a consistent experience.


Serving Blocks Content:

Studies show that users generally read the content in “F” pattern. If the contents are served in block nature, they immediately move on, it can also be a big turn off for those using a mobile device.

Tips: Break your content by giving headline tags. This would send an optimistic signal to the search engine and make users easy to scan the content.

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