A simple guide on SEO: Much simpler version to start your own SEO countdown!

A simple guide on SEO: Much simpler version to start your own SEO countdown!

A simple guide on SEO: Much simpler version to start your own SEO countdown!

Do you have any idea, how many numbers of blog content gets posted every day? Any thoughts on it? Have you ever tried getting hold of the existing statistics?

WordPress alone publish more than 1.5 million posts every day, which means nearly 22 blogs get posted every second. For now, we are only taking numbers of WordPress, while if we count another post the number would surely go high.

The figure does demonstrate a tough scenario to stand out. Your blog should really stand out and beat the remaining millions. You must put in lot of effort in your content to make it interesting and much liked by the viewers.

We often spend more than 5 hours to create a good content for a blog. We go through several reference sites and spend 20 minutes to optimize each point with great importance.

On an average basis, every single day more than 2.2 billion of internet users make use of Google search engine.

Therefore, making your website appear on the first page can be in fact a deciding factor between every business. This is what SEO is all about, therefore SEO experts are here to help you. Keeping every insights, factors and Google’s tactics, SEO professionals are there to make your business thrive on the first page of search engine.


But what exactly does SEO mean?

You probably know the Full Form of SEO? Search Engine Optimization, but after that what’s next? Besides, full form and its work of making your site appear in first page, you have no idea about its function and the background work you need to carry out in optimization.

Optimize? Does it require a unique design? Or Writing? Or some magical words and link?

Yes! Yes! You need all of it with some additional technical work.

Before sending in any kinds of heavy SEO advice, lets get hold of the beginner’s guide!

Wikipedia states SEO to be the process affecting the visibility of a web page or web site generating organic results.

Okay, allow us, to convert the complicated meaning of SEO in our own general language. Here you go,

Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing your online content so that Search Engine can crawl your sites and make it appear on the first page by feeding most searched keywords.

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Further break down of the concept

When talking about SEO, there is an indirect linkage of you, search engine and searcher. If you have an post on Managed IT Service, you would want the search engine to show up top results to any searcher for the phrase “Managed IT Service”.

SEO is that magic which needs to be included in your article to make Google rank your post as the top most results, whenever users search for the words.

Now after a quick info on SEO, we are going deep into SEO, so we have further classified into four different sections:

  • Overview
  • Black hat vs White hat
  • On-Page optimization
  • Off-Page optimization


How to sprinkle the magic, and how does it look like? Like we said you earlier, majority of online experience begins from search engine amongst them 80 per cent is covered by Google. Combining the fact, first five results shown by Google gets 65% of the clicks. So, for now you might have obtained tentative idea

Every entrepreneur till date have a single question, how crucial is it to hit the first page of Google? Beside first page, if the product or service page of your website is not seen anywhere in the first page, then its equivalent zero ranking. In order to make your pages appear in the first page, you need to understand straightly how the search engine work

Google guard their search engine algorithm very strongly and not all the 200 components are public factors. Before understanding its function, one needs to know about the two phases of SEO force.


Black Hat vs White Hat

Without any further complication let us get clear, if you want to endure long term richness than black hat SEO is not one for you. Black Hat SEO goes well for earning quick grand. This technique focuses on optimizing content only. Though there are plenty of rules and regulations which can be sneaked through to get high ranking for your sites, this is a primary way to make in thousands dollar quickly.

Achieving success in short cut way can create a long-term impact. There are chances getting crappy, spammy results which might even ban your site.  It is a severe punishment as it destroys the opportunity in creating something supportable for future.

You might make in quick cash from it but every time you need to search for new ways to break the rules.

While on the other hand, White Hat SEO builds sustainability to business for long term. If you choose this one you will emphasize more on humans rather than generating quick grands.

You will get involved into more of research work to create better contents for your beloved audiences and make it easily accessible according to search engine regulations.


Strategies taken in Black Hat SEO

  • Identical content
  • Stuffed keywords and invisible text
  • Re-directing the readers to other unwanted sites
  • Linking site to irrelevant content


Strategies taken in White Hat SEO

  • Related content
  • Well-captioned image
  • Related references and links
  • Proper sentence with correct spellings and grammar
  • Relevant and distinct title for contents


When you are in any problem, when you take advice from senior most people, they always ask you to look for the grey portion. Life is not always black and white, so working on grey part would put some ease.

Same is SEO, instead of looking on black and white SEO go for grey one. Yes, a grey one! A grey hat SEO is neither pure nor impure. You are not trying to trick anyone but just only taking few distinctive advantages from it.

Google never has clear cut standards, there are times when they speak out contradictory things.  For an instance, Google dislikes guest blogging. But isn’t guest blogging useful in generating high quality traffic and building brand awareness.

Its really contradicting. And that’s why online marketing and SEO are fun things to learn and carry out. Different techniques can be used to gain competitive advantage.

Rules for SEO are not definite. It keeps on changing with times. Hence, its easy to sneak in Grey Hat SEO. We believe marketing strategies should be scalable and can be converted into ROI.


Onpage Optimization

For on-page SEO you need to look at three big categories. The first and most important one is Content.

Content is the king. Do you know why? Because the search users are satisfied when they find keywords content they are looking for.

When you use Google to search NSW’s most reliable IT support company, and when google use all its energy to deliver the best content for you for the reliable IT support company in NSW, Australia.

It doesn’t only look for quick service but also tries to give you best possible content. This means your priority should be in writing good entertaining and informatic content. Besides information, Google use factors like quality, keyword research, use of keywords, originality of content, keywords selections, direct answers for the searched questions.



Off page optimization improvises the position of the website. Many of the people associate link building with off-page SEO. In general, off page SEO deals with designs besides website design.

Unlike On-Page SEO, off-page SEO deals with activities outside the boundaries of your websites. The important activities of Off-page SEO are:

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing

SEO experts are trying to find in versatile ways to assist their client’s business. To obtain best return they need to consider all the factors of on-page optimization. A high-quality website is likely to achieve loads of reference links and more referral in social medias.

A successful website infusing SEO strategy will reap following benefits

  • Increase in ranking: The website will be ranked higher in SERPS, which means more inflow of traffics.
  • Increase in page rank: Page rank is the number which falls between 0 to 10. And which shows the result of searched words.
  • High exposure: High ranking means high traffic; high traffic means great exposure. When your websites secure a high-ranking position, it gets more link, more references, more visits and social media mentions. It’s a never-ending sequence, where one thing leads to another and so on.

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Link Building is another factor used in off-page SEO. An effective and most popular method of off-page optimization. It builds external links to every website and gathers traffic in massive amount to bypass competitors’ site.

Over past years, webmasters has been trying to build links on their own sites, to increase their volume, they adapted methodologies like Blog Directories, Comment Link, Form Signatures, Shared Content Directories and Link exchange schemes.

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However, if you try to trick search engines by creating artificial links, you will be black listed or fined.

Binary IT is an Australian based IT solution entity working to joint pieces of every business website. We know the importance of website in todays era, we know our client’s requirements, therefore, confidently we reveal as an all rounder IT enterprise, willing to assist every SMEs client in every portion of IT including SEO. Do call us today, for better SEO service!

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