Top 5 Tips For online Marketing and its Benefits for Small businesses

Top 5 Tips For online Marketing and its Benefits for Small businesses

Top 5 Tips For online Marketing and its Benefits for Small businesses

The only online marketing solutions allowing your business to grow through a wide customer reach!


Digital Marketing for small business!

Each of the business in Australia has its own nature, and size. Therefore, the business looks out for different approach which makes their customer clear about the kind of service or product they are actually selling to the new and potential customers.

For an instance, a travel agency would prefer to promote their business digitally by highlighting their travel product packages or the reasonable flight fares. Down the lane, they would want to interact with their audiences located in any corner of Australia or world and retain them for long-term.  The business can use several aspects of marketing such as,

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Search Engine Marketing

But what exact kind of digital marketing is useful for the SMEs? Well, digital marketing trends seem to be swarming the Australian business. Business owners today have realized the need of  Specific Audience targeting and Digital Marketing Campaign, they have understood the value of getting a strong online presence- but what does digital marketing actually do for the SMEs?

It’s simple! It connects your customer’s world-wide, allows you to engage in the potential customers, and find quality leads, that can turn the prospects of client in a simple fraction of budget. In a more precise form, digital marketing makes your SME business more competitive.

If we turn back, the traditional business marketing method usually require a bulk budget to spread the product info, but now the modern digital marketing trends connects with the current, future client in a single platform in a significantly less amount of budget, and more valuable insights which makes you understand the consumer behavior and develop a tailor products and service as per the suited customer requirement.

Apart from being the most cost-effective platform, digital marketing has the potentiality of conversion. By proper optimization of content and key word, we can flow in organic traffic to the website, which inclines the chances of conversion, in turn higher revenue.

A recent research in Australia signified that over 500 small Australian businesses confirmed that their still exists few entities who struggle to achieve digital engagement. It’s remarked that only 16% of SME’s have high digital engagement, with over 32% of engagement or no engagement. However, the large business, with a proper planned digital marketing strategy reports to have over 20% of increase in annual revenue.

According to the Yellow Digit Report issued in 2018, 51 per cent of the small businesses are taking help of the social media to promote their business, which increased their total sales by 61 %.


How will SME benefit from the Digital Marketing?

Here are the few lists how; your SME business can take the advantage of Digital Marketing trends.


1. Significant saving on the cost factor

Let’s take a closer look on the traditional marketing cost and digital marketing cost. If you print few thousands of flyers and hire a person to distribute it for an hourly wage, for a week the total cost can be at least AUD 800 per week, with the potential customer outreach of may be 4000 or 5000. But for the same amount of budget you promote in Facebook, you can reach about nearly 250000+ targeted audiences with a high engagement.


2. Improvisation in search ranking

As the presence of social media inclines, the traffic will automatically flow in your website. However, for more direct traffic, search engine optimization can be fruitful.  As stated by Hootsuite, social media activity improves the search engine ranking by 12% with a definite presence in Google, Yahoo and Bing.


3. Mobility in International Market

Digital world as elevated the geographical limitations; hence the presence of web and social media allows the business to approach wider range of audience. Nearly 57% of SMEs in Australia believes Facebook to be the single platform allowing the scenario of buying and selling in inter continents, states and countries. Nearly 210 billion of people, from all around the world, is connected through Australian business.


4. High customer engagement

61% of the Australians, believe that they are likely to trust bands if they interact with the seller. While 32% of the purchaser before making any movement go through social media check the reviews, before making online purchase.


5. High opportunity to conduct market research

Back in 2014, Dove launched a speak beautiful campaign, targeting the 5 million female twitters, who are not liking their body image. Through the campaigns they were able to reach 870 million impressions, 63% increase in sales and 165,000 mentions in the social platform.

Topmost Active Social Media Platforms in Australia

  • Reddit: 10%
  • LinkedIn: 18%
  • Twitter: 20%
  • Google+: 19%
  • Instagram: 34%
  • YouTube: 68%
  • Facebook: 70%


7 Digital Marketing Strategies for the SMEs

Online marketing is a daunting process. You need to know every prospect of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Campaigns, Blogs, and other stuffs that’s needed in digital marketing.

1. Learn by example

A drive and desire are the components, which is mostly required in digital marketing. Through experiments and fusion, you will be able to understand the need of your consumers. One of the best ways is to take an example of the well to do digital marketing agencies in Sydney and learn from them.

2. Knowing your audience

Digital marketing for SMEs is all about finding the potential consumer. But no plan becomes successful till we understand our audience. So how to take a closer look on our audience,

  • Customer feedback, through polls or questionnaire.
  • Engaging the customers in social media, Instagram, email or blog contents.
  • Embracing grievance and complaints in positive manner.
  • Conducting market research and understanding your customer in a close form.
  • Conducting digital marketing campaigns so that you can identity your goals and target the potential customers.
  • Specific audience targeting can also uplift your digital marketing strategies. The more potential customer you get, the more the business grows.


3. Two-way communication with the customers

For the different kind of audience, you need a different marketing strategy. For a much younger audience, sending push notification in mobile phones sounds effective whereas for the older and premium customers sending e-mails is the best communication method.  So if you follow the digital marketing trends then it will provide a way to communicate with your potential customers.  Other communication method showcasing the products and services include,

  • E-mail: Every people in Australia have access to email. Hence, offering an after sales service or pre-sales service through email addressing the issues, queries and doubts of the buyer is a great way to understand the buyer’s perspectives. One can also extract the kind of dilemma all the potential buyer goes through before purchasing the product online.
  • Blogs: As website is a formal way to communicate about the product, blog is an informal way to showcase the product. Its s way of interacting with the readers, making them understand about the usefulness of the product. Through blogs, the seller can communicate every minute details of their product. It’s a platform where the seller tries to put in every needed information searched by the readers before purchasing the product. Video content also increase the cutomer engagement towards the services and product you are providing through the given video.
  • Apps: This is the new development of technology. As smartphones have become handy, its easier for the people to communicate with the respective buyers and get the inside and accurate information. On time service and on-point grievance re-addressal is one of the charms of the apps. Further, users can also inspect the product or services, and if wishes to buy can make instant order from it.
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, these social media platforms can be classified as per the user’s basis. As Facebook are used by the middle age people, Instagram are used more by the younger ones, while LinkedIn is used by the professionals. Well, all these channels can be used as a mode of communication with your customers. Further, most of the sales today, takes place through social media after communicating with the service provider. Social media channels have provided immense opportunities to market your business in a fast way. So, if you give your time and effort to social media marketing then it will give your business a proper growth. Social media marketing does help your business to be known within the customers.
  • Viral Campaigns: An interesting animated clip related to the business, makes the audience aware of the product you are selling in market. Further, a good video can be used as a viral campaign. Alongside, we can work on fresh new ideas for frequent digital marketing campaigns.


4. Acknowledging the power of Google & SEO

Search Engine Optimization is useful as it makes your website rank higher in the search engines. Search engine provide results which are useful for the people. For the search engine, understand these four important areas.

  • Structure: Your website is your brand image; it should feature every information and activities that your business is carrying out. But at a same time, it should cover few of the basic features of “About Us”, “Contact Us”. Once completed the site can expand as per the necessity.

One can use analytics to figure out the popular landing pages in your website. After that you can fill in rich contents to push sales.

  • Keywords: Google has changed is search algorithm. Gone are the days, where the writers filled in keywords everywhere to rank their website in the first page hierarchy. These days, trying to stuff keywords, in website can either penalize you or remove your site from the listings. Keywords do have a place. You can use it in meta-tags, category tags, and in page titles. But one must use in sensible places. One can use Google AdWords Planner or Google Trends.
  • Content: Search engine encourage friendly, and plagiarism free content. If you write the services and products in a more informative, interesting and friendly way your website will be offered a better search engine ranking.
  • Device friendly: Make sure the website is device friendly. Before launching it make a thorough check on smartphone, laptop, tablet and browsers. If the site doesn’t work well, we suggest you get it fixed.


5. Allow your own consumers to build your brand

Your consumers offer immense amount of assistance for your SME business. Provide a small reward, which works as a B2C or B2B marketing. With a little effort your own customer can spread good words. Brand awareness gives the customer the particular quality of your product and services, So give your customer the brand awareness and help them to know you and your services.


6. In need of quick result, SMEs can go for Google Ads.

As the organic results require high amount of effort and time, Google Ads can flow in quick results. PPC (Pay-per-click) online ads, make your product reach the targeted audience, based on the searched keywords.  PPC in some region might be expensive, however, it still can work well, as you shall be paying for:

  • The actual clicks on the ads and visit in the website.
  • Can actually track each details of the click.
  • Niche or target potential customers.
  • Test new keywords for a relative amount.


7. Working on the sale

After all, digital marketing trends are all about sales. It really doesn’t matter, how well the plan has been framed, or designed or executed till we see the sales graph inclining upwards. Test new ideas, create a trend or flow with the trend, refresh the marketing campaigns, promote the products in unique and innovative manner. Remain active and never stop learning new digital stuffs.  The digital environment is not at all constant, hence, if you make the best out of the platforms the SMEs business are sure to scale up in the Australian market.

Binary IT is one of the best digital marketing agency in Australia for SMEs and startups. We are known for delivering high quality service; hence we design SEO friendly websites, and use several digital marketing tools like SEO, Google, PPC, and social media to grow the online presence. So far, we have worked with countless of business and companies across the Australian continent. As digital marketing is the driving passion of our staffs, we look forward to assisting the start-ups in organic manner. We believe establishing a greater foundation is a must, hence, with the alignment to greatest advanced tools we assist SMEs digitally.

Online Marketing tools for the SMEs business suggested by Binary IT:

  • Business Start-up packages: This package puts you in the map and revamps your brand entirely.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Take a business leap from SEO in an organic manner and keep up with the Google requirement.
  • Social Media Marketing: Advertise the product of your SMEs in every social platform such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

To know more about the digital service package contact us!

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