Here’s why you need a proper IT help desk service!

Here’s why you need a proper IT help desk service!

Here’s why you need a proper IT help desk service!

Your IT service desk is a hub where a good part of your business thrives. Of course, for every business selling product is important, but if your IT service desk in non-operational, then don’t expect your operations to flow smoothly.

A help desk, in the context of IT, is a department inside an entity that is responsible for solving every technical questions of its users. The questions here are addressed via telephone, web portals, e-mails or online chat.”

A standard help desk offers a single point of contact. They handle the issues through help desk software which allows the users to track down their user request with the help of their unique identification number.

There exist different category of help desk system depending on the deployment, source code accessibility, size and customer support function.

  • Web Help Desk: It refers to cloud hosted services where the enterprise can rent the solution based in the subscription by saving the cost and by allowing easy scalability.
  • Open source Help Desk: For this developer do not need license to access the source code, which ultimately declines dependency and makes it easier to modify.
  • On-premise Help Desk: When a company has a complete control and can use every of its function, then this is useful.
  • Enterprise Help Desk: This doesn’t have standard help desk features but it works at a faster resolution rate by improving the overall efficiency of the entity.

What’s extremely essential for IT help desk?

An IT help desk can easily take on wide range of activities but before diving into unlimited act the enterprise must be selective and only think about essentials. Below few enlistments has been done that a help desk can do;

  • Manage calls and log: Important capability sought from an IT help desk service renderer. Interaction with users! A user-friendly way for customers to contact while it is the responsibility of the help desk provider to capture the interaction to prevent it from getting misplaced.

Typically, users approach the help desk through telephone but if any other channels such as web portals are created than it would be better to keep track. Every time a customer contacts the help desk, a record must be created showing details of their requirements, and their solutions.

Even though the question asked is a quick one, and your answer is a straight one, record must be created for at some point of time you might want to take a look as a referral. Help desk fundamental responsibilities doesn’t conclude when you just put your phone down.

A great help desk takes the accountability of properly managing every call. The IT Support makes sure to fix customer’s issue by even updating them.

  • Generate Reports: Help desk reporting is not an option. You need to submit report to your clients to make them understand the value they are receiving from their help desk, areas needed for improvement and customer satisfaction.

While making reports following should be taken in consideration. Firstly, identify “Who are the reports for?” and “For what purpose will it be used for?” Don’t make the mistake of acquiring long boring reports, filled with numbers that nobody cares, or even bothers to go through.

Keep the report precise and to the point. Highlight the interested areas of stakeholders.

  • Resolve Events: A help desk which only log events and pass these to other group for its addressable never adds value to the service. A help desk should pacify the users and remove their obstruction.

People working on the help desk area should have proper training, skills and access to knowledge to resolve certain percentage of user incidents. Planning to set a new help desk? Or reviving the existing one? Then you should consider the above points. Make sure to recruit and train help desk technicians who can deliver real value.

There are times when few incidents can t get resolve by the help desk and during that time staff needs to have right kind of relationship with that group who can resolve those incidents. Back up is a must.

Staff assigned for this purpose must be updated, they should keep an eye on every outstanding incident.

  • Continuous Improvement: An essential activity for help desk. Service giver should understand the increasing competition and the choices available for customers.

If every other organization gear up for continual improvements and you choose to stick with the traditional aspect then get ready to lose your customers. Eventually, someone will understand the poor customer service with no value.

So, think what the customers want and make sure that you gear up for improvement. A help desk can improve in several manner such as;

  • Cost reduction
  • Faster incident resolving
  • Enhance the channel of communication for users.
  • Improvise communication
  • Support wider range of service and issues.
  • Add support to ITSM activities and request fulfillment.


Why is Help Desk important?

  • Customer Satisfaction: Every client’s wants their grievances to be resolved primarily. Delight them by ensuring First Contact Resolution (FCR). Send timely updates of their query status to them. Moreover, make the channel of access as per their preference.
  • Agent Productivity: By using knowledge base the agents can gain information to resolve complaints. Further a unified interface allows executive support to the customers.
  • Business Operations: Empowering the graphs and data points to effectively monitor the function of contact center through streamline operations. Through this the supervisor get holds of the operations based on the data.

Binary IT has been serving its customer with IT help desk service with the concept “Do more with the less”. Adding more flexibility and mobility we have been offering customized services to the clients. We perform the following act for the help desk;

  • Technical support
  • Profile management
  • Managed IT security
  • IT asset management
  • Help desk ticketing
  • End user support
  • 365 days of availability

The aforesaid services are just a highlighted one, to know more about our services do contact us!

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