Why the domain age is so important for SEO?

Why the domain age is so important for SEO?

Why the domain age is so important for SEO?

When we think about Search Engine optimization (SEO), a lot of questions start bouncing on our mind. One that come up fast is, why the domain age is so important for SEO Perspective?

The domain is a major factor for SEO, it can add great SEO value for your sites. The domain age refers to the level of trust and authority of website for search engine. While, search engines will give more importance and trust to the older domain (websites) than new domain, thus older websites are ranking better than newer ones.


Search Engine Sandbox

Many search engines such as Google has confirmed that new websites that are less than 12-month-old are going to effected by sandbox, the only reason they referred to as sandbox effect is to prevent new domain to be over optimized. Webmasters says, new websites could be effected by sandbox for 12 months.

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There is also a reverse effect by sandbox, which can be beneficial for new websites, to grab attention temporarily by getting ranked, and without any inbound links (backlinks) to the new websites. However, there is no point have ranking for temporary, you want SEO for long term.


What happened if you buy a used domain?

Buying a used domain doesn’t means that you will get your authority high, it will depend upon your use of that domain with your content. If the content is totally different from the exiting one, then your website may probably get drop from its rank and authority. For example, if the domain was used for related to real state and now you have changed it to Fashion, then it will drop. From the inbound links to that domain you will get link juice, only if you use the same content or relevancy.

While Search Engine Optimization masters and webmasters says that the domain age and website authority is a major ranking factor. We have a report of a survey took in 2016, that explains the importance of domain age in SEO:

Domain age plays no role in SEO
Domain age can affect but in a minor way
Domain age help SEO quite a bit
Domain age is a major factor in SEO


Not all old domain needs to be trusty or have authorities, why because we have some reason to think about:

Any domain can be registered years back and left it as parked for long period
Not all established companies use old domain
A domain that is using for several years for illegitimate purposes and sold it for established company

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