16-inch screen to revamp the existing appearance of MacBook

A bigger screen and a scissor style keyboard!

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, Apple unveiled a newer version of Mac Book Pro with a better keyboard and a bigger screen size, replacing the existing 15-inch screen.

The new MacBook pro shall be available in the online stores starting next week, at a price of AUD $ 3799 (US $2,399). In 2016, Apple had refurbished their book by adding fingerprint reader and fast ports.

Adding more enthusiasm on the product, the spokesperson of Apple said the new model of Mac Book will have a ‘magic’ keyboard, with a scissor mechanism and stable key.

Previously, the concept of “butterfly” keyboard faced a strong criticism. The users complained on the typing related problems including repetition of characters, and sticky keys.

Well, let’s hope the newer version of Apple product will woo the audience and earn positive feedback, for the 10 per cent of Apple’s total annual revenue of US $260 billion.