Apple HOME POD Coming to your home with 5 obvious questions this February!

2018 is turning out to be a robotic gene, where humans are getting more acquainted with Artificial Intelligence like Siri and Alexa. And now Apple is planning to pace a fast bowl to the existing brands of Amazon and Google by launching its additional featured Artificial Intelligence.

Yes, the wait is almost over for those who were waiting whole of December to get hold of Apple’s home pod. Apple’s Siri powered home pod will be available for pre- orders from 26th January 2018 at the official website while it will be officially available on stores from 9th February 2018 in US, UK and Australia. The Siri powered Home Pod is available for AUD 499 in space grey and white colour.

While the BRAND LOYALS are in no mood to dig into the obvious questions of the new home coming Home Pod, the remaining unsure personalities are going through waves of article to find the pros and cons. So, this is for the ones who wants it desperately and for those ones who are wanting to explore more about the product!

  • Price: Alexa and Google ecosystem comes for under $100 USD bucks while Home Pod has been launched with a whooping amount of $499 AUD.
  • Diversified Products: A Home Pod comes for 350 while you can get an array of speakers supporting Alexa. Amazon offers at least four current models at a very decent price. And soon there will be dozens of Google Assistant speakers with redefined models.
  • Feature compliance: The Home Pod lacks the home speaker. For a multi room audio Air Play 2 is mandatory even for stereo paring purpose which is not available at Home Pod. While Google Assistant, Alexa and Sonos has such feature.
  • Software compliance: Compared to Siri Alexa and Google have significant lead. Amazon and Google have been building voice only capabilities to merge with third parties to work with their speakers. Apple has slower and deliberate approach only showcasing side note.
  • Software compatibility: Home pod only works with Apple Music while Alexa and Google work with several softwares like Pandora, Spotify and Tune In. Further, Apple has no free option, one must need to subscribe and pay monthly fees.


Well, the new Home Pod has both advantage and disadvantage. While the Apple buddies skip the entire drawbacks the mediocre Apple lover would surely go through it. So, pre-order your HOME POD on 26th Jan 2018!