APPLE: iOS 12 secret revealed by Apple!

Apple releases iOS 12 secret to be its security. The makers of Apple confront security on the new iOS 12 which is expected to launch by the end of the year with a new version of iPhones.

Apple this year is said to highly focus on its operating system in terms of reliability and performance not only in the security of the device but also on the battery longevity of the phone inclusive of improved augment reality with healthy digital features.

It also plans to refresh few features in home screen and in core apps of mail and photos. It is also looking out ways to create a close-knit platform between Mac OS and iOS.  Apple is all set to release the aforesaid features in its new range of handsets in September. Before iOS 12, iOS 11 is all set to hit the market during spring. The new iOS 11.3 comes with an advanced tool of turning off features which slowdowns iPhone and consume high battery power.

Recently launched iPhone X handsets though had a slim outlook it consisted of several loops making the users difficult to operate the device. The said issue gave a hard blow on the share market degrading the share price of the overall company.

Hope so in the near future we get to see some of the best products of Apple which comprise of good user interference, long battery hours with improved applications and iTunes services.