DELL is on its way to release XPS 15: New Display & consumer PC for content and power seeking USERS!

Dell is all set to introduce XPS 15 in the Inspiron family. A special 2 in 1 edition, Inspiron 15 7000 with six S series display is about to swarm the pc market in April (US) and May (globally). The new system is powered by Windows 10, packed by Intel’s latest 8th Gen Intel Core Processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX  1050Ti graphics. Dell XPS 15 has a premium option of Infinity Edge 4k display and Dell cinema for seamless content viewing. Dell offers Cinema Sound, Cinema Colour and Cinema Stream giving users a seamless movie experience via their PC’s.

Adding more to the new edition, Senior manager and Vice President of Dell Consumer and Small Business Product Group Ray Wah said,” We pride ourselves on always bringing the latest innovation to consumers and iterating when new advancements are made available. We couldn’t be more excited about the beautiful designs, cinematic experiences and enhanced performance our new consumer portfolio brings customers.”

In the desktop range, Dell is offering Inspiron AOI series & special addition. The new AOI includes “The Inspiron 22 and 24 3000 AOIs”, “Inspiron 24 5000” and Inspiron 27 7000 AOI. The new array is built with multi performing level, improved designs, AOI features of Dell Cinema (audio & enhanced viewing capabilities), Dell Mobile Connect Software and new Pop up a webcam.

The news XPS 15 will be available for pre-orders from April 16 in the US, while Inspiron 27 7000, Inspiron 24 5000 will be available for pre-orders in China from April 7. Both the laptops and PC will be available worldwide from the mid to end of April.