Internet of Things research lab opens in Sydney – CISCO & SAS team up!

University of Technology Sydney, Cisco and SAS have teamed up for the centric project, Internet of Things (IOT). With a combine effort the group has created UTS-SAS-Cisco loT innovation centre which adopts approaches by utilising Cisco hardware, SAS analytics and UTS expertise engineering.

The lab was established to examine the high data volume generated by IoT devices to help business cope with new IT challenges. Before commencing research in any other field, innovation will be first initiated in agriculture business, manufacturing and health care sector.

David Bowie, Vice President of SAS, Australia & New Zealand added more to the approach, “SAS has a long history of support for the education sector and we are delighted to be involved with UTS in this exciting initiative. The value of edge data is at its greatest when analysed in transit, and this is what our trailblazing global partnership with Cisco makes possible.”

The IoT hub is said to deliver exciting approach to local and MNCs where technology innovation is all set to integrate society, people, industries, government and environment.

While Reg Johnson, education general manager of Cisco, Australia & New Zealand said, “This exciting project with UTS is a leading-edge research and innovation initiative that is looking to make the energy sector more sustainable by creating a ‘Real time Internet of Things (IoT) Energy Brokerage.”

He adds, “The initiative is the first global deployment utilising the Cisco and SAS Edge-To-Enterprise IoT Analytics Platform, which is underpinned by the Cisco Kinetic IoT Data Fabric.”

The three tiers from different field have come up with this concept to alleviate complex scenario which frequently arises in the Australian industry.