More COMPLAINTS! NBN service users are piling in with MORE Complaints!

The networking giant NBN is facing constant disagreement from its users. The complaints received by NBN so far has raised by 83% since last financial year. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO has logged 22,827 complaints so far in the six months of the previous financial year. In the previous financial year (July 2016 – June 2017) TIO had received 27,195 complaints from the users.

Poor service quality, the unsatisfactory response seems to be the key reason for the inclining grievances. As said by the spokesperson of TIO, “The main issues affecting residential consumers and small businesses were an unsatisfactory response from the provider, poor service quality, and connecting a service. Of the 22,827 complaints to the TIO about retail services delivered over the NBN access network from July to December 2017, less than five percent (1052 complaints) were sent to NBN Co to resolve.”

The complaints have created a dilemma on the responsibility part. Should the users expect solutions from the service provider for unsatisfactory service or should the users blame the wholesalers or retailers?

As the complaints are increasing on daily basis, NBN Co. is moving towards secure investment “Future of Consumer Experience (FoCX) program which aims to improvise user experience. The company has changed its pricing structure and assured minimum bandwidth during peak hour, which has slightly reduced the issue.

Adding further insight, NBN Co’s chief customer Brad Whitcomb said,” While the slowdown in the rate of complaints is encouraging, NBN Co acknowledges there is still more work to be done, particularly at this critical stage of the rollout as we balance prioritising customer experience without taking our foot off the construction pedal.”

He added, “We will continue to work with industry to improve those parts of the customer’s end-to-end experience within our control to reduce complaint volumes.”