Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to defeat Huawei premium models

On Wednesday, Samsung unveiled the new version of Galaxy note 10. The new product incorporates faster 5G network connection, exciting color options and improved camera features. The new premium model expects to defeat t rival Huawei and hops to revive the slopping profit.

With emphasis on improved video and photography features Samsung hopes to appeal its Youtubers and product fans. From being a first company to produce the foldable phone to Samsung Note 10, the South Korean tech giant is heading to throw another important event this year.

With two screen size of 6.8 inches and 6.3 inches, the Note 10 boasts enhanced video effects such as stabilization modes, augmented reality, and centrally located top facing camera for better selfies. However, the phone lacks, a headphone jack.

The phone is expected to be available in the market from August 23. Samsung has taken the advantage of Huawei trouble in US market. It has managed to incline its profit by 7 per cent. However, Samsung declined to disclose its price details and sales target for Galaxy Note 10.

Analyst has expected a shipment of about 9.6 million units whose pricing is expected to be a weak factor. Park Sung Joon, analyst remarks,

“It is hard to expect strong sales for the new Note with just a few upgrades in its camera features.”