NETWORK: Telstra launches 5G innovation centre for releasing 5G in 2019

Telstra a few days back had announced its high concern on launching its 5G service in 2019. Keeping the said announcement on the mind, Telstra on Monday launched an innovation center where next-generation mobile technology is tested to support the early distribution of 5G service across the Australian continent.

Telstra chief operation officer, Robyn Denholm said, “From our 5G Innovation Centre we will be completing a number of 5G first in 2018 to ensure Australia remains at the forefront of mobile technology. 5G will take us from a world of connecting people to each other and the internet to a world of ultra-fast mobile speeds and the Internet-of-Things on a mass scale. These enhancements will unleash a host of new opportunities everything from smart cities and smart homes to drones and driverless cars, to augmented reality in both entertainment and work.”

He added, “5G has the potential to transform the way we all live and work. Like previous generations of mobile technology, it will deliver more capacity and faster data speeds but on top of that it will support vastly more connected devices at very high levels of reliability and lower latency.”

The innovation center is a part of $5 billion projects utilized for the infrastructure improvement, spectrum acquisition and building of a foundation for 5G. Such initiation would allow the users, vendors, developers to work simultaneously with technology. Telstra is expected to conduct the 5G trails in the upcoming month inside and around the Gold Coast areas. Previously, the company completed outdoor 5G field trial over 26GHz ‘mmWave’ radio frequency spectrum.