Turn key Solution by Veeam to prevent inflated interruptions

Veeam declares it’s on-demand disaster solution for business continuity, Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure with Veeam PN. Veeam Recovery to Microsoft Azure aims to deliver simple and secure means to recover workload through cloud storage solution by overcoming high capital expenses and challenges in maintaining remote recovery sites.

Veeam availability suits allow the IT business to spin up an Azure cloud instance and securely connect its users without any additional cost pf standby system regardless of their location.

As said by Gartner,” although there’s no magic answer on how much impact downtime will have on your business, current industry surveys have shown that the average enterprise estimates an impact of approximately $5,600 for every minute of unplanned downtime in its primary computing environment.”

While Nathan Steiner, Veeam A/NZ head of system engineering says,” This latest capability continues to see Veeam add another simple, viable, fast, and low-cost option to its customers’ disaster recovery invocation scenarios via the leveraging of Azure CloudIn combination with already being able to offer ‘Right Click’ restoration of workloads into Azure from the Veeam console, Veeam can also now completely simplify the network communication into Azure during a DR event.”

With Veeam Recovery solution organization can flow with their workloads. Even if any disaster strikes unexpectedly the business can continue with their business operations via public cloud without having to pay any additional dime from any locations. Remote recovery site is not only expensive but time-consuming and labor intensive as well.